Gold In Cleveland

6 Jun

If you’ve ever met me you would know that I’m sweet, compassionate, driven, and OBSESSED with The Golden Girls.  If I could go on forever and ever talking about one topic that would be it.  And lucky for me, my unfulfilled need for new and exciting adventures staring Betty White didn’t have to end on May 9th, 1992 with the series finale of the Golden Girls.  On June 16th, 2010 TV Land premiered it’s first original series, “Hot In Cleveland.”  And there you had it, an entire new world for Betty White to explore as Elka Ostrovsky.  Except upon watching it, as much as I do ADORE the show, it did give me a sense of deja vu.  I thought a few of the episodes that had similarities to episodes of The Golden Girls.  I will share these with you now…

I’m Obsessed With Shopping in Bulk

Hot in Cleveland Season 1, Episode 2 “Who’s Your Mama?” June 23rd, 2010…  Victoria goes to a Costco’s type store called, “Big n Easy” throughout the entire episode.

Golden Girls Season 5, Episode 4 “Rose Fights Back” Oct. 21st, 1989…  Sophia gets a membership to “Shopper’s Warehouse” and buys a lifetime supply of toothbrushes, sardines, and oatmeal cookies.

He Used To Be in the Mob

Hot in Cleveland Season 2 Episode 1 “Free Elka” January 19th, 2011…  The women find that Elka has been hiding stolen goods in her basement collected by her late husband.

Golden Girls Season 6 Episode 15 “Miles To Go” Jan. 19th, 1991… Rose’s boyfriend Miles confesses that he is in the witness protection program due to the fact that he was an accountant for the mafia, and a mobster named The Cheese Man.

My Prison Pen Pal is Paroled

Hot In Cleveland Season 2 Episode 12 “How I Met My Mother” June 22, 2011…  Victoria writes to a prisoner as Joy.  She comes clean about doing this because she finds out he’s being let out of prison.

Golden Girls Season 5 Episode 13 “Mary Had  A Little Lamb” January 6th, 1990…  Blanche is harmlessly writing romantic letters to a prisoner.  His most recent letter reveals that he is being paroled and is on his way to meet her.

My Late Husband Has A Secret Illegitimate Son

Hot In Cleveland Season 2 Episode 16 “Dancing Queens” July 20th, 2011… Elka bumps into an old friend who betrayed her by sleeping with Elka’s husband on a camping trip.  The son of her friend has Elka’s late husband’s eyes.

Golden Girls Season 5 Episode 18 “Illegitimate Concern” February 12th, 1990…  Blanche believes she has a stalked with a love interest, until she confronts him about his lurking ways.  He reveals to her that he is following her to find out more about his biological father, Blanche’s late husband.

Her Book Is About Me!

Hot In Cleveland Season 2 Episode 17 “The Emmy Show” July 27th, 2011…  Victoria’s daughter played by Jennifer Love Hewitt, comes into town to get dirt on Victoria for the new tell-all book she is writing.

Golden Girls Season 5 Episode 21 “Sisters and Other Strangers” March 3rd, 1990…  Blanche’s sister invites Blanche to a book signing for her new racy romance novel.  After reading it, Blanche finds most of the story a little too familiar.  The book reflects her own love escapades!

My Husband Faked His Death

Hot In Cleveland Season 2 Episode 22 “Elka’s Wedding” August 31, 2011…  During the ceremony of Elka’s big day, men from her past keep running into the church to interrupt.  The most surprising of the exes, Elka’s late husband.

Golden Girls Season 6 Episode 9 “Mrs. George Devereaux” November 17th, 1990…  Being wooed by yet another suitor, Blanche agrees to meet her secret admirer.  She is shocked and disgusted to find out it is her late husband, back from the dead.

I Thought This Cop Was A Stripper

Hot In Cleveland Season 2 Episode 22 “Elka’s Wedding” August 31, 2011…  Victoria opens the door to a cop asking her to move her car, and she assumes it is the stripper they called for Elka’s bachelorette party.

Golden Girls Season 6 Episode 17 “There Goes The Bride (Part 2)” February 9, 1991… Blanche hires a stripper for Dorothy’s bachelorette party.  When a cop shows up to tell them to quiet down, she honks him on the rump and turns on the sexy music.

You Haven’t Sky Dived Before?

Hot In Cleveland Season 3 Episode 4 “Happy Fat” December 21, 2011…  Trying to keep their romance alive, Elka takes her boyfriend Roy sky diving.  Roy is surprised to find out this is also Elka’s first time.

Golden Girls Season 6 Episode 13 “The Bloom is Off The Rose” January 5, 1991…  Trying to keep their relationship from getting boring, Rose convinces Miles to go sky diving.  Miles is surprised to find out this is also Rose’s first time.

You Fire Our Maid… No, YOU Fire Our Maid!

Hot In Cleveland Season 3 Episode 16 “Everything Goes Better With Vampires” March 28th, 2012… Rita Perlman guest stars as a terrible maid the girls hire to clean their house.  No one wants to be the one to fire her.

Golden Girls Season 3 Episode 4 “The Housekeeper” October 17th, 1987…  The girls fire their maid, who they believe put a curse on them to get revenge.

We Need To Save This Tree!

Hot In Cleveland Season 3 Episode 20 “The Gateway Friend” May 2nd, 2012…  Elka moves into a tree to prevent it from being cut down.  As she says, there is beauty in things that grow old naturally.

Golden Girls Season 2 Episode 4 “It’s A Miserable Life” November 1st, 1986…  The girls get everyone in their neighborhood to sign a petition to save the tree.  Everyone except the nasty old women whose property is home to the beautiful old tree.

Uh Oh, This Lesbian Has a Crush On Me

Hot In Cleveland Season 3 Episode 2 “Beards” December 7th, 2011… Rumors of Victoria being a lesbian lands her a spot as a speaker on a lesbian cruise ship where Sandra Bernhard falls for Melanie.

Golden Girls Season Season 2 Episode 5 “Isn’t It Romantic?” November 8th, 1986…  Dorothy’s friend from college comes to visit and spends some quality time with Rose.  Blanche is very upset to find out she wasn’t Jean’s pick for love interest.

While of course I couldn’t bring up all the original stories Hot In Cleveland does, they are there.  It’s a fantastic show.  In fact, it might be my favorite show that is currently on TV.  If you haven’t seen it yet, definitely catch an episode.  Wednesday Nights on TV Land.  And if you haven’t seen the Golden Girls, well, uh… what have you been doing?

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