5 Good Reasons…

10 Aug

5 Good Reasons I Should Be Cast As Anastasia Steele in the 50 Shades of Gray Movie

1.  I drive a dangerous car


This is Rocket.  Sure, Rocket’s been in ditches, snow storms, and fender benders.  But she was mine and I loved her!  Just like Ana’s old Beatle, there’s no seperating us from our cars!  Spoiler Alert:  Car and Girl are seperated.

2.  I’m a cheap drunk.


Like most classy bitches, I get drunk after two, three glasses of chilled wine that a man sips out of my belly button. 

3.  I’m not uncomfortable being handcuffed


Whether it’s sexually, criminally, or just because I made a terrible mistake, I’m okay with being bound. 

4.  I Make Bad Decisions


This is Cory.  He’s in the Hell’s Angels.  I went down a dark ally with him to take this picture. Worth it!

5.  Sometime I Need To Be Reminded To Eat







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